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Banners Broker | Financial Freedom Made Simple!

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If you are looking for a way to have a part-time or full time income online from home
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Banners Broker operates in a multi-billion dollar advertising sector.  Did you know that Google made $2.1bn in advertising revenue in Q1 2012. Facebook? $1.06bn over the same period.. Ridiculous, right?
The online advertising market is growing exponentially. That explains why companies in the technology sector like Baidu, Google, Yahoo and FB are being valued in $10s of billions in the middle of a recession!
Banners Broker started at the end of 2010 and has grown very quickly becoming a major player in this competitive online advertising market. They actually pay out commissions to members of well over one Million Dollars Every Day now!
So . . . Here is a simplified version of how it works:

What is the Adpub combo package?

This is the most popular way to get involved with banners broker. You buy a package of advertising panels and as they receive traffic you earn money on them. When a panel finishes you choose whether to re buy one or two of the same panels and this is how your money grows.

How much does it cost?

Currently, there are six packages outlined in the chart below as you will see they range from $25 for a basic one panel pack to $3665 for the ultimate pack. There are also monthly fees to pay - $15 admin fee although your first month is included in your pack price, and this soon becomes self financing as your money grows in your ewallet.

The chart also shows the return you will get from each package before any admin fees. The higher the value of the panel, the longer it takes to finish or "cap".

How the panels work?

As your panels cap you choose whether to re buy at 50% or 100%. As an example the yellow panel costs $10 and when it caps it pays $20. Set to re buy at 100% the system now buys you two more yellow panels for the $20 and these now start earning again.

If you set these two panels to 50% when they cap at $20 the system will buy one panel for $10 and put $10 into your ewallet. This allows your business to grow alongside your earnings.

If you decide to upgrade your package you can do this for the first 30-45 days after your initial purchase. You are only ever allowed to have one package, however anybody over 18 can buy so wives partners etc. can all have one of their own.

Below are the Panel costs





Yellow$10$204-5 weeks
Purple$30$605-6 weeks
blue$90$1806-7 weeks
Green$270$5407-8 weeks
Red$810$162010-12 weeks
Black$2430$486030-34 weeks

Do I have to refer people?

The simple answer is no. However, Banners Broker rewards a referral with a traffic bonus which helps to speed up your panels, but many people run a successful campaign without referring anyone. 
If no one else signed up to Banners Broker, everyone already involved would continue making money and everything we have already discussed would continue to happen.

The BEST Business Online!

NO Selling! (The company do it all for you)
NO Telling!
NO Phone Calls
NO Recruiting!
NOT (MLM) Multi level marketing!

Get PAID to advertise (even if you don’t have your own business to advertise)
- Easiest Way To Make Money Ever – even while you sleep
- Innovative
- Minimal Effort In A Sustainable Business
- Never seen anything like this before
- Canadian Company – Business model approved in all major countries
- Making Money just doesn’t get any easier
- BannersBroker do ALL the selling for you

And guess what, Every single person makes money – No Exceptions!

"It's IMPOSSIBLE NOT to Make Money"

(Am sure you can now start to see what all the excitement is about.)
Remember, you do not need a website or to have any knowledge of online advertising!!
Once you set up your free account, we will walk you through every step until you are confident in how everything works and how you generate your income. We assure you that within a very short time after starting you will see your account in action and it will all start to make a lot of sense.
You need absolutely zero knowledge about online advertising and you do not need your own website. As long as you can click the left button of your mouse then you will make money from Banners Broker.
This is not some ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It is a serious business opportunity which allows you to make seriously life-changing incomes with very little cash investment or time commitment.

This is NOT a pyramid scheme. With Banners Broker there is no requirement to sign up others in order to get the returns mentioned.


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PS:  Join the revolution.

We know you will have many questions and we are here to help.  It’s best to set up your FREE account HERE and we can work with you on a one-to-one each step of the way.


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